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kANin cLuB…

Whoa, I almost forgot, it was my 6th months 2 days ago in Advantek Inc. Yes! At long last. I am now a real part of this company, which yore was a dream only. Thanks for being part of Advantek Family. 
Hmmm, so much something about that, let’s get into gimmick!! Yipee!!!, guess what, yesterday, May 17 afternoon, I was in the process of my valet of filthy clothes, Glenn, a friend of mine abruptly entered our boarding house and heys, that’s not yet the gimmick I am talking to. She vociferate that we will be going to Paseo STa. Rosa with Wayne and her sister Karen. Huh? I have no enough money!! No, we’ll just prowl, window shop and eat a bit, she said. Gosh, so hard to go out and have fun and yet you only have a wee penny!!, Okay fine, I will go…..with you….

We reached Paseo at around 7pm, what did we do??? Hehehe, we entered three boutiques, flip flops, dresses and shoes, but we didn’t buy anything, we just peeped the items inside, prowled around once again… Where were going to eat gals? Wayne’s feet were already painful due to the high heeled shoes she was wearing, hmmmm…, why not switch with your sister’s slippers??? They did..

Finally, after minutes of walking, prowling and sight-seeing, we decided to look for a place to eat. Okay, let’s go!! We didn’t know that the system there was like you’re in a market, the restaurant’s staff will approach you and offer their menus!!! ” Hi ma’am, good evening, come here in our place, six bottles of pale pilsen with picca picca and free videoke for only Php220.00″, hmmmm nice price, cheap, we like that!!! But we declined we’re all girls let’s look for a better one…. Hayyyyy, at last, we chose to eat at Kanin Club, wow rice, love it!!!! Because we’re miser, we selected viands fitted for our budget- Beef Soup and pork barbeque, and the drinks????? Guess what???? WATER!!!! Hahahaha, we’re on a diet we didn’t need to order so many items…. 🙂

There should have been a band to play, we should wait until they sing!! So after finishing our dinner, we waited until the band started to play, whoa!! we were eating at 8pm, we waited for an hour and half, we waited so long.

Thank God, at last they started after a long wait. The SILVERTAB BAND-in fairness to the guy vocalist, we extolled that he sang well, we eulogized his performance— if i could, then i would, i’ll go wherever you will go, way up high or down low, i’ll go wherever you will go”, this was his first song, great voice, he’s worth our wait, he satiated us!!!

Ooooopppppsss, we should have something in our table!!, we ordered two bottles of san miguel light, shared with all of us, except Wayne, our driver… (Peace!! Thanks for the ride, you were a good driver!!) We were regaled by the band, there were also two sexy ladies’ singer, but don’t mind them, the guy sang well than them… We were able to finish roughly eight songs, umbrella, big girl’s don’t cry, hold on, nothing’s gonna stop us now, same ground, and a song from lifehouse band (sorry fogot the title) While we were leaving out table at Kanin Club, the last song we heard was i’ve been leaving with the shadow overhead, i’ve been sleeping with a cloud above my bed”, wayback into love.

Great band!!!

Ah, by the way, you might be wondering how much we paid for that night, for the dinner and drinks, well, our bill was Php646.40 and you divide that by four and that was how much each of us had shared. So stingy right? Albeit we were, we can never forget that we were jovial that night.

Given a chance to have some place wherein Wayne’s car could park, it be in a hotel or just in an appartelle anywhere, we would love to, for us to be able to finish the band ’till their very last song, but we were not able to finish it, we had to leave earlier before FPIP sets the curfew at 11pm. And luckily we were able to be there at 10:30, see, we made it because we had a great driver!!! (PEACE!!!) I love you friend!!!

We planned to go back there with no time limit, with budget, with place to take slumber with, no curfew, with parking space, hehehe. Take our words – till our next visit to Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Greenfiled City, regales by a band. Maybe when we return we will be accompanied by those who love this kind of gimmick!! Right Jen???? 🙂 Don’t worry, we will plan our next visit and i know you’ll be with us by that time and the rest of our friends too!!!… We will be right back, MR. CURLY HAIR vocalist!! 🙂