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My Brothers’ Hang Out..

I really admire the tight relationship “friendship” in other words, my brother has with his so-called barkada, brod or whatever they call themselves. Group of males ages 16 and above, 22 is the eldest. I have no exact count how many are they in the group, though I roughly estimate them as 20. They don’t belong to one schoolclass, they are just those young adults who live in the same sitio or barangay. Their group, i would say, has started two years ago, began with a small numbers then increasingly growing eventually. As i observed, they have no one unique interest being shared and enjoyed with, their hobbies include singing loudly, dringking hard drinks weekly, smoking and sometimes dancing. During summertime, they would love to go to the river nearby and go picnic, bringing cooked rice and langka as viand. And then go swimming altogether.

I thank my brother’s friend very much! They are the ones who helped build our home without pay, this is what we Filipinos call as “bayanihan” . Yes, this culture or should I say one of the oldest activities in the country  still exists in the province. We didn’t pay these guys for building our home, we just feed them and served them with meriendas.

After finishing our home, my brother Leo initiated to build a tree house in our backyard, connected to the mango tree. The tree house is made of slabs left by building our home and plastic from a factory. This tree house serves as their hang out, daily and weekly. They gather there whenever they wanted to, they’re always welcome. At night, others choose to slumber in this tree house than dozing in their own homes. What i don’t want here is that, when i go home after 5 days of working, i hardly sleep because of their noise, the loud music they play and the loud laughters they have. I am not preventing them to do so, I just let them do what makes them happy and satiable. But i have nothing to fret now, i already told Leo that sometimes i hardly take time to sleep because of what i mentioned above, i just hope next time, they will avert these things.


Anyways, thank you very much guys, as promised, I will give you a gift as a token of my appreciation to all of you!!

Till then, dhynnes 🙂