What’s Up With RCBC Robbery??

I had several thoughts of posting the picture. This is just one of the situations of the ruthless crime. My apology for bringing this in, i just want to show how cruel the criminals were. They were really so addict and heartless to do this. As i watched the pictures together with this one, I just sighed and never shunned on commenting how unbelievable that people are really so mean. Whatever their reasons behind this killing, their reasons are really unacceptable. I just hope that one day, their conscience will hit them!!

 The recent update, families of the killed suspects in Tanuan City has filed a case against the policemen of TASK FORCE RCBC. According to the families, their relatives were innocent. In other words, this case has not been resolved yet, the loathsome killers are not found yet, disgusting….

I just opine.. dhynnes 🙂