Wealth Within Your Reach…Pera Mo Palaguin Mo…

A book written by Francisco J. Colayco, this is all about saving the money you earned while working, it gives you advices on financial management, develop your ability of augmenting the money you have and trying to minimize expenses as much as you can.

My friend lent me this book which she bought at National Bookstore and i find it very interesting. I love the author’s principle here and this is worth applying personally. There are Financial Statement’s Exhibits that he showed there, STATEMENT OF ASSETS AND LIABILITIES, CASH FLOWS, etc, and as an Accountant, t find it easy to understand. I’ve been doing my personal Cash Flows on a mid-month basis but did not try to do my Personal Statement of Assets and Liabilities, and i will now start to do such.

There’s a page there that the first expense that you shall be stating in your list is SAVINGS, you shall consider this as the top expenses, as you are considering yourself as an employee of yourself, and since you are an employee of yourself, of course you shall be paid for the services you rendered. Amazing isn’t it? My practice before was, my salary less expenses = savings, but in this book, the reciprocal. Try to this folks!!

According to the author, there are three traits that we shall be having in order to attain the financial freedom or ability to generate passive income, these are the 3 D’s, Determination, Discipline and Decisiveness. Well, you just have to try reading this book and learn from Mr. Colayco.

Insights, nothing is impossible if we just know how to achieve financial independence and manage our finances, expenses ans debts.