Position or Compensation :-)…

Which is important?

When I was just a young kid, i was unaware and had no idea about jobs, positions, compensation and so on. What I knew then was my parents had to work to earn for our daily living, my father went home late, had the smell of the sun, filthy and languid, this was because he was a carpenter back then. My mother, she was doing a butterfly made of dyed stocking, used to go home late in the afternoon. We were very happy when she arrives, she used to bring us spanish bread as the pasalubong wherein during that time it costed 50 cents only, that was wayback 1988. Imagine how time wanes so fast and along with this, the continuously increasing of all major commodities also is really that quick. During this time, what’s on my mind is the money my parents were earning to feed, clothe and give us better living.

As i was stepping my grader years, it was then that i realized, i really have to do something for my family. It was then that my mind was opened and had etched and developed in my heart my dreams of helping my parents to have a better living. At my young age, i started having and working out these dreams, and i knew then that those dreams will turn into realities.

Now that i reached this age (not to mention how young i am, ha ha ha), i have conundrum of something relative to jobs, this is, what is more important, a high position or a high compensation? Good thing if you have both, but what if not?

On my own opinion, i personally believe that having a good position is better that having a better pay. Why? Because it means that if you are in a higher position, it really is conveying that you are performing your best and even excel beyond what is expected of you. Being in a position, as I believe, is not something you could achieve in just a snap of a finger! You really have to work this out, at your best! Others gone through the years before attaining the best position. But we may not also forget, sometimes, in other entities there is politics involve in grasping a position. But fret no more with this, vex not with this, those persons who were promoted “politically” is of nay help in an entity, believe me.

Compensation, yes this is an advantage, a better compensation package that a company offers. Giving the better pay to its employees, it only means that the company you are in is very lucrative and generous, well thanks!, you are just bestowing what is worth for them, irregardless of the position.

Now, it’s up to you guys, what would you prefer, a better compensation or a higher position? Might as well both!

‘Till then!

dhynnes 🙂