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RSM Bacnotan Branch, Calamba City

July 21, 2008, 5 minutes to go before 6:00. My friend met me at FPIP gate. Our purpose was to inquire to the newly-opened gym nearby FPIP. She was riding in a car driven by one of the managers in the company she works in. I was few minutes earlier to arrive in the gate than her. When she saw me waiting there, she stepped down the car and approached me. Then suddenly, the persons inside the car waved at us and yelled “kain tayo!!” (let’s eat!!). We both went and headed to the car, jovially. When we entered the car, just sort of hi and hello, how are you now, and i was just having a conjecture, why did they abruptly decided to eat out amd treat the three of us? My conjecture was answered by my friend (it is really hard to mention names here, this dinner should be secret), she told me, they just received bonus, and as a celebration, this is it, a free dinner for us. Along the way while he was driving, we decided to eat in RSM Bacnotan Branch, Halang Calamba City. And then, that was it… The place. the ambiance is great, better than that of RSM Real Branch. I thought the dining area is just that what i’ve seen when passing this restaurant, but i was wrong, at the back of the building, there is a great place to dine in, there are shacks to choose from, and according to one of the personnels, there is band that performs every Friday, unluckily, it was Monday when we ate there, and there was no band. But still, we enjoyed the dinner.

Some of the food they offer is shown in the picture below, pork barbeque, squid stick and the big grilled squid.

We were five, we ordered, three lumpiang hilaw, squid stick, sizzling sisig, sinigang na hipon, barbeque and leche flan as dessert. We were very surfeit at that time, and i was very lucky that i was able to join them again after barely eight months.

Guys, visit this place, i know you too would likewise enjoy the food and the place like we did. Make it Friday, to enable you to be regaled by the band.

My sincerest appreciation for this reunion, thanks to both of you who spent money for this dinner. Hope this could happen again!!

’till then,

dhynnes 🙂