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I tried not to drink coffee today. I told myself, i’ll try averting it for once. But, unfortunately, during our DMS (Daily Management Meeting), around 9-10 a.m, i felt drowsy. And I realized, i can’t really resist drinking coffee every morning. I owed P8.00 from my seatmate and bought sweetend, creamed coffee at Nescafe’ vendo machine. I was lucky then that the vendo was not out-of-coffee.

I used to drink four cups a day when I was in Nikkoshi Philippines, it was because coffee is free to all, you can drink as many cups as you can. So I drunk one at 7am, one at 10am, one after lunch, 12:30pm and another one at 3pm. Sometines at 5pm i also took one. Imagine how many percentage of caffeine i took during those times.

Apparently, in my present company, we have to bring our own coffee, this somehow helps minimize my caffeine intake. I only drink once a day, very rare that i take two.

But anyway, drinking coffee isn’t bad as I believe in our health. This helps minimize the risk of having heart disease, but, just as what one of my readers and friends commented in one of my posts here, “everything in moderation”. It’s not bad, let’s face it, but we shall take it moderately. Besides, taking too much coffee makes ones heart palpitates. And i surmise you don’t want to experience this don’t you.

In my daily routine, I think i can’t work well without coffee in the morning. Milo, milk or any cereal drink won’t replace it, I just need coffee. The latter i mentioned will just make me drowsy during my workhours.