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Another Suicidal Case..

It is so sad to know that nowadays, with the crisis and difficulties many of our fellowmen are experiencing, others tend to end their lives rather than surviving the destitute living they have.

I was saddened by the news a day ago, (Tuesday, September 09), wherein a mother of four forcefully spoonfed her three young kids with toilet cleaners and killed herself afterwards. This is at Magdalena Laguna, in which according to the news, financial difficulty triggered her to kill her kids and commit suicide. Her husband is a construction worker in Manila.

The 32 year old mother blamed the Arroyo administration for experiencing the crisis her family had.

For me, our government is doing anything to uplift our condition, it’s just that, sometimes, we can not forget the fact that behind those people, there are also those that are so mean. Our life depends solely in our hands, how we deal with it and how we could do ways to improve it. It doesn’t lie alone with the government, instead of blaming others, why not put hands together and do positive ways to cope up with these crisis. Blaming and non-stop blaming will just cause additional and incessant problems right?

I just opine…