Why Not LIEZEL..

Grand star dreamer should be her.

For me, she is the winner. I was so disapponted about the result of PDA Season 2. More so with Laarni Losada’s winning. She does not deserve the title, ask me why i don’t like her, it’s because of her attitude, she seems to be “lunatic”, sorry for the word but that’s how we describe her. Voice wise, admittedly, she has the talent, but what does the talent’s worth without possesing the great attitudes right? I often watch PDA at primetime, and from there, i witnessed how Laarni was during her classes and inside PDA room.

What another disapponting here is Miguel being the 3rd Honor? Gosh, see what money could do…

If Liezel wins, i am sure, she’s worth it. Great voice, nice attitude, very well disciplined and has an international appeal. But i am sure, she’ll shine someday and would be a hit to all. Liezel, don’t lose your hope, you’ll time will and you’ll surpass them all.. I believe in you, we believe in you!! Kudos!!