Why Not LIEZEL..

Grand star dreamer should be her.

For me, she is the winner. I was so disapponted about the result of PDA Season 2. More so with Laarni Losada’s winning. She does not deserve the title, ask me why i don’t like her, it’s because of her attitude, she seems to be “lunatic”, sorry for the word but that’s how we describe her. Voice wise, admittedly, she has the talent, but what does the talent’s worth without possesing the great attitudes right? I often watch PDA at primetime, and from there, i witnessed how Laarni was during her classes and inside PDA room.

What another disapponting here is Miguel being the 3rd Honor? Gosh, see what money could do…

If Liezel wins, i am sure, she’s worth it. Great voice, nice attitude, very well disciplined and has an international appeal. But i am sure, she’ll shine someday and would be a hit to all. Liezel, don’t lose your hope, you’ll time will and you’ll surpass them all.. I believe in you, we believe in you!! Kudos!!


  • twixiegirl

    Why Laarni and not Liezl..

    I respect your opinion the Liezl should be the GSD. And thank you for recognizing the talent of Laarni. What you see in the PRIMETIME is what the PDA production wants to show you. Those who voted for Laarni were those who watched the LS or Livestream. If you watched the LS, you will change your attitude towards Laarni.

    During the first 3 weeks of the PDA, I really like Liezl than Laarni, but when I started watching the LS. I see the change in attitude. The “basahan” issue inside the academy (I don’t remember if it was shown ever in the primetime) I believe was the downfall of Liezl. Some of those who religously watched LS and used to like Liezl got disappointed with her (and that includes me). In my personal opinion, Liezl was somehow influenced by people / friends around her inside the academy, kung saan karamihan came from well off families, to the point na ayaw nyang humawak ng basahan and even commanded Laarnie to remove the basahan from the sink. Ayaw kasi ni Liezl humawak ng maruming basahan.

    Lots of votes for Laarni came from global fans of Laarni na talagang nakakakita kung paano yung ibang scholars nagback bite kay Laarni. But Laarni never fought back. Nakikita natin si Laarni walang ginawa kundi umiyak as seen in primetime, pero others who judged her as “lunatic” didn’t even know the real reason of those tears (again watch LS to know the real story). Hindi ba nakakapagtaka na yung mga scholars na lumabas sa academy when they were interviewed most of them picked Laarni as GSD considering na inis din sila kay Laarni when they were inside the academy. I believe nung lumabas lang sila dun nila nakita the real attitude of Laarni at sinabi sa kanila ng mga friends nila na nanunood ng LS kung papaano inapi si Laarni sa loob.

    Let us just be happy sa Top 6 scholars and wish them success sa kanilang careers.

    BTW, we Laarnians are really thankful kasi even with Laarni’s busy sked she tries her best to talk and accommodate her fans.

    Peace and God bless us all..please visit http://www.laarnians.com – a website created by the effort of Laarni’s fans.