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cHooSe yOuR wOrdS pLeasE…

Why some people are so tactless?

They don’t mind the other people’s feeling, they don’t even choose the right words, the proper words to utter. Why? Don’t they know that they are hurting someone’s feeling? This is obiquitous! And happens all the time. We can’t aver those people.

Ask me, I have encountered that, but i am having difficulty dealing with it. What am I doing? I’d rather keep silent and do nil than telling her that “Hey, it’s foul, it hurts”, because I know, albeit I do nothing, there is a karma or bad luck that will struck her. Hers will soon cease. She will soon realize that what she’s doing and saying is wrong, in a right time, by all means.

I don’t want to meddle her unethical manner of mingling with people, she’s grown enough to know it by herself. Many of my colleagues have also observed this, but for the sake of being an officemate, we are just being patient……. Patient…