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Start Your Day Right..


Bad day? No, I don’t think so..

I remember a time during our college days when one of our professors told us “Don’t let someone manage your whole day”. I often think of this line everytime I encounter someone who is unpleasant, tactless, and let us say, people who are really fond of making other lives miserable. Waking up in a morning, i make sure that smiling is the first thing i do. This isn’t hard to do. Just smile whatever obstacles, hurdles and problems you have.

You know, there were lots of things happened to me, very early in the morning, that I knew without my patience and smile, my whole day would have been wrecked and literally a pandemonium, but i didn’t let it be, i still tried to maintain my stance despite the bad day beginning. As I said, this is facile to do, and there are so many ways to do it, we can calmly and patiently deal with every people we met, maintain and keep the professionalism within us, continue the ethical ways of mingling with other people.

It’s just very anxious to know that there are some people who get to be managed and bothered by the UNLIKELY surrounding or people, very early in the morning. Kungsabagay, i am not in their shoes, but given a chance, i think i will never be affected and bothered by these, besides, and otherwise, i will just make myself wrinkled, irate and seethe, the hard part will still be dealing by ones own selves right, as the saying goes, “The Hell I Care (THIC)”. Don’t mind them, let them hurt themselves, not you…

Till then,

~dhynnes~ 🙂