Why Work In Nikkoshi?

I’ve been receiving some text messages and emails on why should they work in Nikkoshi.

I’ve worked here for thirty one months in Accounting Department. In the span of my stay there, i would say, it was a great experience, my co-employees there were okay specially the admin people. Our Director then, Mr. Ricardo Lazaro was very supportive so long as you are doing your jobs well. The Japanese Officers, Mr. Akihiko Hisatomi, the VP and others, were approachable too.

Nikkoshi manufactures HDD peripheral parts such as the carriage spacers and retaining ring. Most numbers of operators there are females. Males usually assigned in Maintenance, Warehouse and Production (Engineers) Department, It employs at least six hundred people.

So much something about that, you’ve got to try working here to experience what i’ve said.

till then

~dhynnes~ 🙂