Daily Living

I’ll Be Home Again..

Two weeks had waned, i never visited our home since then (ahem, as if i am afar). Thank God, today, Friday, i’ll be home again. For me, though it’s a short span, i considered it very long. Finally after two weeks time, i will be able to see my family, and our adopted sibling. Eto nga at kebigat ng bag na dala ko, and would you surmise why it’s that heavy, well, because of the pasalubong i bought for them.

It’s a good feeling that you will be welcomed by your family with smiles and misses, specially the kid, who would bellow ati ati and jump at the same time. Then he would manage to open my bag and search for candies and biscuits i brought him. Wow, aren’t the parents are so excited to go home too with their young kids waiting for them back home and yell as they enter their doorstep? And I hope they do, right?

Ah well, until here, all i wanna say is, i miss my family… and i hope you do….

Till then..

~dhynnes~ 🙂