In The Midst of Crisis..

Nowadays, everywhere, anywhere around the globe is in severe crisis, economic crisis, that affect the daily living of the people. The Lehman Brother’s collapsing, the oil price increase, the fall of stock market, the US financial crisis, wow, come to think of it, these have affect all of us. Manufacturers, investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs are cutting down their costs, different management strategies are being done to save the business and not to collapse and totally shut down just what others did and ruefully experienced.

When i was in Rapid Forming Corporation back at 2003, we were startled when all of sudden many officials in white suits arrived, we were unaware of what were happening around us, but then, we were advised that we were being sheriffed, sad, we really did not know then why, there were many conclusions that came unto us, were we that indebted? Were we not able to pay the money we owed from the bank? After that day, after the commotion, the talking over the phone, the kumustahan everywhere, i had no idea what happened afterwards. I surmise they’ve survived it, i still believe RFC still exists and lucrative.

I am no longer connected with RFC, but this experience really taught me a lot, that no matter what, we may still experience any risks, and risks is just along our way. Stability is really has to be maintained.

Now, i do not know if this write up would cause something bad to me, but for me, i will just write my opinion and my sympathy. Yesterday, September 30, the very last day of September, the company i am currenctly serving has retrenched, say perhaps 8% of employees were retrenched, having nil ideas that yesterday were their last day here and nil ideas that they just reported for work and be retrenched. SAD, PAINFUL…as what the management says, BUT NECESSARY…. We are not the only company who did this, in fact we maybe is just a very .05 dot in many numbers of companies. We are even lucky we did not totally shut down. We are fighting, we are still operating, we are even lucrative, we just cut down some of our cost.

We will continue fighting for the best, exert our best effort, shared services, be positive and maintain the teamwork.

Sad, painful….but necessary… we have to take the pain….

I just opine….

~dhynnes~ 🙂