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A Realization

There was a movie that I’ve watched and unfortunately i forgot the title, there was a line told by the actor “Papunta ka pa lang pabalik na ako“, these words are often said by the elderly to the youngsters, meaning, they already have experiences than the young ones and seemingly, the elderly convey that since the’ve gone through many years in life, they already know what are the consequences of the youngsters doings. For me, i just opine that we all have our own ways of living and our ways of dealings with life and albeit the elderly already gone through them, they might not have gone with some experiences or, they might not have gone through all experiences, might as well few. Admittedly, we cannot forget the fact that they already have the wisdom worth sharing to everyone, they have already acquired the teachings of life as they lived their lives.

By the way, the reason why i post this one is that, yesterday, me and my friend Wayne went to the church to a mass. And before we reached the church, at first of course we have to ride in a jeep together and since we are living in a different house, we just communicated through text on how we can go to church together. I was the one who finish everything so i decided to just go to her apartment so we can go together, and i never informed her that i will be going to her apartment. So i walked and walked till i reached the gate, unfortunately, the landlady told me that Wayne had already went out of the house and headed to the place where i’ve been. Ironic, we did not meet as we were walking wherein actually we passed the same way. She texted me “Dhi, dito na ko FPIP” and i also texted her “Andito na ko sa gate nyo”, we got to each place at the same time, but we never met as we passed and walked our ways to each other place.

Why did i say this? Just a realization, though one says, Papunta ka palang, pabalik na ako”,  this just conveys that one will never experience the same thing the other person has experienced, right?

I just opine…

~dhynnes~ 🙂