Daily Living

Feeling Better…

With all the crisis we all have been experiencing, despite the bad news showing out of our television, inspite of all the crimes we heard everywhere, I could say i am feeling better and better everyday. Yes, i am very aware with what happens in our country and so with the whole world, but i make sure that i am not greatly affected by it, if so, it just ruin my whole life and my family as well.

It’s not bad to preponderate things when you know what’s good and bad. You are just using your wise mind to think and decide whether to be affected or not. I am a citizen of this country, I contribute a lot to our government due to the tax i’ve been paying, (and so where does this tax go?, never mind). And the help I could extend to our desperate country is just doing my best in my work and my company and helping out my own family. In these ways I am feeling better despite all the odds..

I just opine..

’til then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂