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La Virginia Resort @ Mataas Na Kahoy Lipa City..


October 10, 2008, the rain didn’t prevent us from pursuing our plan of having an outdoor activity in Lipa City. An overnight activity with the Finance people headed by Ms. Cheche Saulog.

At first, upon receiving an email from M’ Che, i declined the invitation, thought that the activity would fall on Saturday and i’ll be going home by Friday night, but then, i realized that it is slated Friday night and targetted to finish on Saturday morning. That’s why i decided to go with them.

It was exactly five o’ clock when we left Advantek office and drove our way to Lipa City, heading Mataas Na Kahoy’s LA VIRGINIA RESORT. Rain wasn’t abating yet, but this didn’t stop us, we continued driving our way to the resort. The curves and brink (exag?) road going to the place was exciting, given the fact that it was very dark along the hiway and the narrow road added to the excitement. Huh, Eenah woudn’t wanted to drive this way either! And then finally, we arrived at the place after one and half hours, 6:30 was approximately the time by then. We found nothing to do yet coz m’che and ms. evai weren’t there yet and according to them, they were at the Robinsons buying our foods to cook. We played card first while waiting for the two to arrive. It was fun then, perhaps after thirty minutes of playing, they finally arrived. We fetched the things they bought at the front gate of the resort, which is very breath-taking to climb with.

Cooked rice, grilled b-b-q, grilled eggplant, boiled beans, salted eggs with tomatoes and mangoes, grilled tilapia were our foods and viands, we ate by our hands! Sarap!! The rice was even half-cooked, no blaming, it’s just hard to cook in that amount…

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After the dinner, which ended i think at around 10pm, we played cards again. Fun!! The consequence was to drink vodka, so evryone who loses might get tipsy coz of the consequence. We just stopped the play when a bottle of vodka was empty. And we decided to swim, swam in the dark and only the moonlight was the one that lighted us. And again we drank a bottle of vodka by the poolside. Everyone got tipsy, even me. We finished swimming 1am. And fell asleep at 2am.


This giraffe still managed to pose, (as if alive) this is one of the scenic views in the resort. Actually, there are plenty of place where we could take pictures with. La Virginia Resort is in fact just a swim away from Taal Lake, funny!! Really, the place is overlooking the Taal Lake.

If you folks out there would love to have some family, friendly, company gathering or even recollection and retreat, i suggest you consider this one please. It’s a beautiful and very relaxing place. Try it!!


You may inquire at La Virginia in this post, please see and click La Virginia Resort and Hotel Zipline, it contains more of the hotel resort, including their contact numbers.

Till then..