Daily Living

My Role as an “Ate”

I play a big role in my family, the only girl but the ate of my three brothers. Aside from being the ate, i am also the breadwinner and i am proud to say that i do help them a lot!..

Going back to being the big sister, they really rely on me, but i am not saying that i don’t want them to be this, it’s just that i have the opportunity to help and be with them always.

Just recently, my sibling next to me who happen to be jobless these past months starting last April, I ws the one who found companies where he could appplied with, searching and looking at the bulletin boards at the entrance gate of FPIP, dialling my friends’ company numbers querying some job openings and emailing them my brother’s resume. Finally, with these, i successfully got one, thru Ana lyn Lucero of Kanepackage, my former company, my first job, he started yesterday, October 15 and was very happy that finally he landed a job. And since we are living far away from the zone where he works, he has to look for a boarding house, and of course, i was with him looking for a boarding house to live with and thankfully we found one.

I want to be the sister of my brothers, i want to help them so long as i can. I will never be reluctant to do and give whatever they need and will always be ready to lend them my two hands and ears.

Being a sister is a good experience…

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂