It was October 10 i think when i received a text message from Tin, asking all of us (her ate boardmates before) to have a surprise birthday treat to our landlord kuya perry.

Kuya Perry and Ate Gee were our landlord and lady during our college days in Canossa College. You may somehow ask and wonder why we are throwing him/them a party like this. Well it’s because the couple were and are still very nice to us, they looked and treated us as their own children. Their concern to us was incomparable with that of the other landlords, they cared about us a lot!! We, all their boarders are the Godmothers of their twin daughters Terry Nicole and Terry Monique.

Going back to birthday, we did a surprise last October 25, advance celebration since his will be on October 28. A potluck, i brought pancit palabok, Vijay and Tintin had cake, Imee brought ice cream and Ghlo had puto, cochinta and puto pao. Unfortunately, among all the 15 ladies, five made it to have this reunion. Shall i call it reunion though we’re five only?

We were also surprised when we arrived in their home at eight, it was because there was nil person there and according to their relatives ate gee went along with the procession since it was fiesta then. We waited for them at their mother’s house and after half an hour, finally she arrived and was surprised upon seeing all of us. She didin’t expect that we are there. So did with Kuya Perry who arrived after her. And then we altogether ate the foods we brought for that event. Lots of story-tellings, laughters, and i can say that we enjoyed the night. We took slumber there and went home at 10am the following day.

We do hope that this will not be the last that we gather together, i strongly believe that there are still lots of days and opportunity. And we really thank the couple for taking care of us for four years and treated us as like their children.

More pictures to show!!

till then..

~dhynnes~ 🙂