Choose Your Words Please..PART2..

How would you say that a person is professional, ethical and with good breeding? Is this based on the educational attainment, job, family or environment?

I strongly believe that ones personality is developed at home and affected by those who surround you, and it’s in you should you be affected or not. During our early age, we were taught by our parents the proper way of dealing with other people, how to politely talk to everyone, how to use “po” and “opo”, how to excuse when we are to pass between two people talking, how to kiss our parents, grandparents, and relatives hands when we arrive in their place and the other way around, how we should not use bad words, how to respect other peoples feelings, so on and so forth.

These are just some of the many good things that our parents keep on telling and teaching us when we were young, but then, i just notice that these are somehow abating, somehow being forgotten as we get older. It’s very sad to know that i am sometimes dealing with people who do not know how to properly use the words they utter. As i said to my friend in office, “it’s unpleasant to hear”, i just can’t imagine how she earns the guts to say those words to an officemate, words that i think should not be voiced out by a professional.

I think she, who is dealing with professional people should act and talk like one and avert dragging off things when she’s irate, and shun saying anything against a person and just give them the benefit of the doubt. I also get annoyed, but i can still manage to be at my stance, i can hold my temper and patience for long and i am not using those unpleasant words that my parents told me not to use. Yes i am not her, but given the chance to be in her shoes, i think it would be best to think first and choose every word before vociferating.

I just opine…

Till then,

~dhynnes~ 🙂