All Soul’s Day sa Pilipinas

November 1, All Saint’s Day, though we wont to visit our beloved relatives who already enjoined our Creator, and in fact November 2 is the All Souls Day. But never mind, so long as we Filipinos still value this culture of remembering our dear who passed away.

This year, november 1 falls on Friday, expect the traffic, expect lots of people to go to the province to be with their kin, expect difficulty riding a bus or a jeep or any commuter vehicles. And i expect that! Me, staying kilometers away from our province in Quezon will surely experience these, just so sad that today is our month-end and we badly need to be here in the office. When the clock falls at 5pm, i want to be out here, and prepare myself to travel. Travel and ride in a bus standing for an hour or two, worst is that, i might find it hard to look for a one to ride in due to overloading. But that will be okay, that’s it how it happens every year in the Philippines. I am used to it.

Every year, we never fail to go to the cemetery with our kin, visiting our Nanay Taba, Nanay Ganda and Tatay Taba. We usually bring foods or anything to eat like pancit, sinukmani and buy from the vendors everywhere. Sometimes, this day also happens to be the reunion of friends and classmates. Though this is just a very short vacation, it’s very important that we take a break from our work and visit our beloved ones. Sige ka, kayo din baka mapilitan silang tayo ang dalawin!!! 🙂

Till then..

~dhynnes~ 🙂