Filipino Tradition

After the First…

Finally, after eight hours working last October 31st, got the chance to go home, though i was late for 16 minutes (5:16pm), i am still very thankful that we were able to go home that early albeit it was month-end. It took me barely thirty minutes waiting for a bus to ride in, as i was expecting, those who passed by were loaded and passengers were standing. Perhaps five buses had already passed by until finally i found one to ride in, i was in front, sitting at the steel handle at the back of the driver’s seat, i was in this position for more than thirty minutes, and i was able to take a seat when lots of passengers dropped off in San Pablo.

Though it was like that, i was still very thankful that it was not that difficult to commute and go home compare to what i have experienced yesteryears. I was home at eight, and i saw my parents cooking the sinukmani.

That’s how we were during those days, during All Saints’ Day, we went to cemetery at two pm of November 1 together with my mother, and met our kin there, ate together the foods we brought. I even had a chance to meet my old friend and roommate Mariel Cortez whom I have not seen for almost three years, just stole time to chat, and told things about each of us. That was it!!

Hayyy, next year again.. Same event.. Traffic sa sementeryo because of lots of people visiting their kin who passef away, and i tell you that these people were the ones who caused traffic in the narrow road approaching the cemetery, specially at night where most of them choose this time, not hot, dark and i don’t exactly know why is that so.

For me, whatever time you prefer, the important thing is we are there and we never fail and we will never fail right? 🙂

Till then..

~dhynnes~ 🙂