Left Alone…

There are these happenings in our life that we have to accept albeit it’s hard. You have to face the reality that in the end after the long journey of your life, you will be left alone. We have to be prepared for this thing, i know for those who are not used to it, it’ll be very hard and difficult. Facile if you’ve been preparing for it all along and readied yourself for whatever might happen, but, what if not?

People at most are really fond of having companion, cannot live alone and every single day of their lives wouldn’t be colorful and meaningful without companion to lean on. Somebody cannot go to the mall to shop without a friend to ask opinion with, “how do i look with this one?”, “is this okay with me?”, stuff like that, especially with girls. But there are also person who prefer to be alone, choose to go to the mall without companion, or better to say, can go to the mall with or without companion.

Then why am i saying these things, what’s the connection with my LEFT ALONE?

I am left alone, alone in my work. Due to the transition that transpired, my two officemates were transferred to Corporate Office from PH. This somehow had a wee effect, wee in the sense that i will work alone, but it’s no big deal, just like those who prefer to be alone, i am one of those. I am a silent worker, i can easily work without taunting me, which they were really fond of doing to me. This taunting will somehow abate and eventually vanish, this is one of the things that i hate them doing to me, though i hadn’t tell them personally. But I can say that this will somehow abate and eventually vanish.

Though i dislike them doing this, i am not forgetting the fact that they’ve been good to me, treating me well and i must not forget that they’ve been persistent asking me couple of times just to have me answered yes to their invitations. Thanks…

till then..

~dhynnes~ 🙂