Decision-making, i believe this is one of the hardest things to do. You have to preponderate all the things associated with it, you have to be prepared for the outcome, you have to foresee the results, should you succeed or fail, there should be next steps for both.

When i saw the condition of the real world, that was the time that i found it hard to decide, for myself and everything else. When I was 23, i remember that i told myself and my officemate that i want to try a greener pasture outside of the country and have my family a better living, because that’s all i want, to give them a better living that we were lack of. I told her, i will just earn a five year working experience and then when i reach this, i can go abroad and turn my dreams into reality. Then when i was 26, i told again that i’ll be leaving the country when i turn 27, but now, my 27th year will soon elapse, next year, i will be 28, and i am still here.

As of now, i have difficulties if i will pursue my dreams of doing this, i have a reason for not doing so, i am now compensated well and i think it’s enough for me and my family, and aside from this, there is a global financial crisis wherein i think it’s so hard to try luck anywhere, leave the country and let fate leads you. Many of our OFW’s are returning back home due to company closure and losing their jobs, and since this is experienced everywhere, i must say that it’s not time yet to leave my country. It’s hard to leave in our current condition, high cost of living, apart from home, aren’t these enough reason? So better stay for the meantime with your loved ones, earn and reap soon.

Decision-making depends on the situation, but of course, we should know what’s best and be responsible for it.

I just opine, till then…

~dhynnes~ đŸ™‚