SEC Processing

Wheow, hard, confusing and tiring yet an advantage.

I started going here last December 2007 to file our amendment of license, followed by another visit last April, and then last December 11, i was tasked to go there again. But then the amendment hasn’t been approved yet. There are those requirements that we have to comply with beforehand.

I arrived at SEC at 11:15, but then the morning cut-off was 11:30, but i still submitted my request to Law and Regulation Division, hoping that i could be accomodated that time. Unfortunately, came a luch time, i hadn’t been called, i decided to take my lunch instead and return at 1:00 pm. After having my lunch, i returned to the said division, there i saw the same faces, like me still waiting for their companies to be called, but there was nil. I met there Ms. Che Brin of an Accounting Services, she was tasked to amend the license of their client, additional stocks, she arrived earlier than me. We had the same examiner, Mr. Emerson Palmenco, and from the time I arrived I hadn’t seen him yet. Then ticked 2:00 and 2:30, finally, we saw him, but we were not entertained yet, and finally at 3:00 pm, we were called. And then came my turn, still, our application has been disapproved. As I mentioned earlier, incomplete documents and requirements that we have to comply first. I still have to be back there, i don’t know yet when.

Albeit it was tiring, this experience was indeed helpful to me to fully understand SEC processing so that when the time comes that i will be meted to visit the agency again, it would be facile for me.

Till then,

~dhynnes~ 🙂