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Sari-saring Gimik During Christmas..

Time really wanes so fast, Christmas is getting nearer and fast approaching, kung pwede lang nating hilahin ang araw pabalik so as to slow down a wee. But to no avail, we can do nothing against Earth’s revolution. Night is noticeable to be longer than day, there’s a scientific explanation with it, but i don’t need to further elaborate it here, i am done learning it when i was studying. joke…

It’s barely 30 days to go before Christmas, people are rushing to buy gifts despite the crisis, reserving money and special thing for their inaanak and relatives. The 13th month pay and bonuses are reserved for Christmas and New Year expenses. This happens only once a year, Christmas, the giving, but for me, “giving” should happen all the time, not only during Christmas.

Christmas gimik, what i mean here is the modus operandi, for those people who knows nothing but to bamboozle their fellowmen just to eke money. Isn’t it unfair? People are working hard just to aggravate their income and yet there are those ruthless and obnoxious individuals who do chickanery things. Just like last week, on my way home while I was riding in a bus, there was this young man, standing near the bus driver, he asked for a change in the said to be 200 pesos he paid to the conductor, there were many passengers standing and the bus was crowded, good thing that the conductor had a good memory that he said he didn’t pay 200 pesos, what if he can’t remember how much he paid, poor right, and for the young man,  he had all the guts to say it. In my mind i said, it’s Christmas that’s why he was able to do it, but he wasn’t successfull during that time.

We can only be blessed and gifted in a way that we’re not using and deceiving people, that we are performing our work well, no gimik and no tricks. He did not teach us that and He never wants us to do that!!.

I just opine..

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂