Daily Living

First Things First..

Find it hard doing your things in a given time? Same here.. 🙂

For almost three weeks that our new auditors from CG & Co., were here, and being left alone in PH plant, i hardly concentrated on what things or tasks shall i do first. Papers are cluttering, telephone keeps on ringing, suppliers do follow up on collection, petty cash, checks of employees, and since i am left alone, no one is expected to accomodate those but me, only me..

I survived it, but there was a problem, freight bills that should have been forwarded to our AP associate in a weekly basis were forwarded late affecting her deadlines, sorry naman po, First Things First, i should have updated freight first so as not to affect others. Okay i’ve learned my lesson, and i won’t commit that again, i even caused her rage, sorry naman po ulit…, i know this is to no avail, ang nangyari ay nangyari na…..

I’ve known a person who owns this book, i must borrow it to better learn on what to do first. But i know what to do first, it’s just that sometimes, i cram and even cannot think of a good way regarding the steps, i am sometimes going out of my mind, blocked and dumbfounded…

Till then, i just opine…

~dhynnes~ 🙂