With The Global Crisis…

Belt-tightening, cost-cutting, expenses minimizing, what else are we doing in order to surpass the crisis we are experiencing today?

Numerous Filipinos abroad are going home, have lost their jobs abroad. This is one of the truths that we have to face, yes, you are receiving a lot higher stipend and salary compare to what you could earn while in the Philippines, but you are yet unsure of the stability. One day you have this well-compensated job but then, one day there is the memo that you have to leave your job go home. We can see it from the news everyday, Filipinos who lost their jobs from Saudi, Taiwan, Dubai UAE (from which many are stranded in IRAN because of expired VISA), UK and so on.

Just this afternoon, OFW’s who protested in front of OWWA asking the help of the government to support and help them after loosing their jobs and returning home with nothing. I just sighed seeing them crying for the government’s help and blaming the present administration, saying that they receive nil hep from them!
What an unlikely scene to witness! Yes we cannot blame those OFW’s but we cannot blame the government either! I somehow see how difficult it is to be the President of the whole country, throwing to you all the blames that you shouldn’t deserve, leaving to you the responsibilities that we Filipinos shall all be shouldering. A President meted to lead to whole country, but we the countrymen should act and do our own ways to help our government. Sometimes i think and i do believe that our Government Officials are sometimes do not worth the blames other people are throwing them.

I am one of the many poor Filipinos and I don’t in any single word, blame anyone for having a life like this. I just believe that in my own hands lie my fate, my destiny and my future.

I just opine…

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂