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Jen & Jonas Wedding, Wonderful, Perfect!!

December 06, 2008, after the long wait, after the 30 minutes prowl around UP Los Baños Campus, finally, all visitors from NIPHCO (Nikkoshi) specifically admin people, had arrived at the church – St. Therese Child of Jesus, located just inside the campus, that was exactly 8:30, an hour before the bride and groom arrive. It was my first time to attend in a formal wedding wherein evebody is expected to don a dress, we looked great!, all the nikkoshians (and i still belong since i was once a nikkoshian). It was also the very first time to meet the admin people after my resignation, a year ago. All were in dresses, very feminine, we have to, as it is required and a must by the couple. The Japanese Officers were also there, Mr. Hisatomi, Mr. Shimazaki and Mr. Kameyama, then few minutes after, Mr. Lazaro arrived. This is one of the things I admire to the Nikkoshi’s Officers, they support their members and they reach out to their people in any way.

Going back to Miñoza and Manliclic wedding, we expected that the ceremony will start at exactly 9:30 am because that was what is stipulated in the invitation, but then we still waited for them until they came at 10:00 am.

jen and jonas at the church


Procession started, Jonas wearing black suit and then lastly came the stunning bride in a Filipiñana design wedding gown but still looking very sexy, with the background music from a band in the hymn of “I Do”. Very touching moment, we were even in tears as we saw our friend walking at the center of the church aisle and there Jonas in front waiting for Jen’s hands to be lent by her parents, one of the perfect moments to relish and reminisce forever, one of every woman’s dream. I am pretty sure that the bride was also in a teary moment that time, unexplainable her feeling perhaps, this is the most euphoric moment of her life, she was elated, she was as if walking in the clouds, though i haven’t experienced this yet, i can see it through Jen’s eyes.

jen's entrance


She was even touched when Jonas wrote these lines;

can you still remember when you were first picked up by your dad in a park full of summer worn grass with a pinch of rain dew in the morning…
I Do…
Can you still remember your first try of mimicking what you see in TV where you lay your back on that soft grass as you imagine shapes and picture on your mind what a cloud is going to be after a few more breeze…
I do…
And do you remember when you first closed your eyes and pictured your self as a superhero flying with your cape dangling behind you as it catches all the wind as you ran in circles..
I do…
Its just like this….
Its just like the first time I saw you…
you made me remember…
you made me love.
For every woman who would be given anything by their partner that is sweet, thoughtful, touching, caring and as in-love as above, who shall not care to shed tears of love and happiness? Simple yet deep and meaningful.

Going back to their wedding, as the ceremony went on, we enjoyed by the exchanging of vows of the couple and regaled by the great singing voice of the band. After the wedding ceremony, there was this picture taking wherein everything was also organized, there was the chronological order to whom shall take pictures with the newly wed couple first, then came our turn, finally, we were able to get near to the married couple and had a chance to congratulate them both.

After this, we went to the reception area – at the Bulwagan Sarimanok (Clubhouse), same town. I think we were the first to leave the church. Since Wayne already visited the place once, we expected that we could get there that easy, following us were Sir Ed, Kuya Danny and Sir Lazaro’s cars. Along the way, Wayne was dubious as to the path she was taking, it should be an upward drive, she should be taking a higher road but she took the downward one, then we asked a man walking if we were taking the right way, and he said lampas na kami, we went back to the place where the man had directed us. Ayan, since sa halip mauna si wayne sa parking, no avail na, this is one of the funny traits of Wayne, she is sometimes scatty.

The reception was great, cold breeze of air started to hug our skin, taking the walk in a right composure otherwise you’ll get slither, the place overlooked the town of Los Baños and some of Calamba areas. Each guests were assigned in the tables correspondingly, we were at Table #7.

Then came the groom and bride, taking the ladder in a red carpet and they were guided by roughly 9 persons in an umbrella, showered with flowers as they took their stairs up. Afterwhich, the throwing of messages from the parents of both parties, from the bride’s bestfriend, Richard who happen to be the donee and designer of her gown, from her cousin, Jonas’ bestman, friends and message from the couple’s principal sponsors. Lastly they couple gave a message to everyone, in tears..

jonas message to jen


The foods were served and catered by Juan Carlo the Caterer, great food set up and arrangement, true to what they always say, “Where Catering Is An Art”.

jen and the cake


Everything else was great, honestly speaking, it was my first time to attend a wedding like this, perfect, very organized and for this i give them the perfect score of 10!

After being surfeit by the food of Juan Carlo and regaled by the band, the couple just had a shots at the nearby and around the reception.

at the pyramid 1-bulwagang sarimanok 

at the pyramid 2-bulwagang sarimanok

 jen and jonas


Till then..