“Hati Quezon”, for What Purpose?

Since few months ago, i’ve been seeing so many posters and streamers saying “NO TO HATI QUEZON” as i pass highways bound to Quezon province. I didn’t understand why it has to happen that way and i had no idea of the purpose why is this so. On my own opinion, perhaps political reason is one of the many reasons why the local government wants to divide Quezon province into North and South, one thing perhaps too is to improve quality of living in Quezon. We might notice that our province has a slow development due perhaps of the NPA issue who startled, daunted and intimidated possible investors. Kaya naman nagkakasya na lang ang mga kababayan kong magtyaga and find ways, earn livings through farming and make use of the richness of the land available elsewhere.

I can’t remember when was the exact date the counting of votes happened, the so-called plebisito 2008, history does happen at present, sa libro ko lang nabasa ito when i was in my high school years, and now our own province had it. When i was listening to the radio, YES votes ang nangunguna, perhaps that side won.

Whatever the reason of dividing Quezon province, we do hope that this will somehow cause improvement and full development of this province. We do hope that the purpose of the local government for doing so will be beneficial not only to the local public officials but most especially to all its residents and people. Let us not put into vain all the efforts, let’s make use of it in helping out developing the province – for our future children and grandchildren…

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂