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“PisTang PiLipiNo” – Advantek Phils., Christmas Party..

December 12, 2008, Advantek Philippines Christmas Party, the theme “PISTANG PILIPINO”, expect everyone to don Barong Tagalog, Saya, Patadyong, Kimona and anything else that reflects you being a Filipino. I think it is very rare that a company sets this as their theme, but we at Advantek, tried it once and had a great time. The Christmas committee, headed by Sir Willy Lorenzana, our Plant Director, did a great and appreaciative job, everyone in the company participated in this once a year event, we call this YEAR END activity. The committee started planning and setting the programs early last month. And after the tedious tows and toilsome efforts of the team, the outcome was excellent.

Part of the program was the group presentation, wherein each department have to perform at their best and compete with each other. Production, Quality Assuarance (QA), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and E-FISH (Engineering, Finance, IT, Sales and HR – have to combine due to less number of manpower) were the ones vanquished each other.


The above shack replica is one of E-FISH props and done through the efforts of Engineering people, they implemented the ENGINEERED CONFIDENCE here, made of Advantek’s product – carrier tape.


Since we have to perform for about ten minutes, we had three Folk Dances. First dance was the SUBLI, Macon Montero, Reggie Corpuz, Berna Lizardo, Phil Lopez, Vince Costa, Eenah Tolentino, Volks Wagan and Cath Salao were the graceful and jovial dancers.


Do you have conjectures what the above picture shows? It’s an ITIK ITIK dance, mostly Engineering people were the ones who performed here, Roy Agno, Johnkit Orbeta, Rommie Ramos, Joenel Alba, Sherwin Perez, Sir Edgar Esguerra, Sir Daj Dajac and Dr. Elinor Bedia. This dance was one of the happiest, enjoyable, appealing numbers, the folk music was mixed with LOW and AYER by FLO RIDA, which made it more regaling… Thanks to the engineered mind of those engineers!!


Finally, the breath-taking SAYAW SA BANGKO, as the words say, dancing at the top of wooden chair. When we first saw the video of this dance, i was daunted that we might fall from the chair while dancing, but due to constant practice, though twice a week only, we were able to perform it confidently and lively. Performing at our best, me – dhina lieva with Elmer Zabala, Clarice Tan with Carlo Cirineo and Lolit Cabrera partnered with Darryl Bagasan.


The panel of judges, our Company Physician, our Canteen Concessionaire, and the three actors, but i forgot the names, all i remember is the one wearing black named Simon, who could be seen in La Lola.


Our group was the first performer, next was SCM who performed Igorot Dance and Binaylan, followed by QA  who danced the Cariñosa and Singkil and finally Production Department who performed Sayaw sa Ilaw and Tinikling mixed with modern dance at the end.

I was not able to personally witness the announcing of winners because i left the party after my name was called in a raffle, having won a flat iron. I had to leave earlier because i had to go with my friend to Tayabas for our friend-Glen’s wedding.

By the way, informing me the winners the same night through text, first place was bagged by SCM group, second was E-FISH (kami yun!!), third was Production and next was QA.

Magkakaiba man ng position or place, winner or looser, we all enjoyed the performance. It was one of the euphoric times having experienced how great Filipino dances are, and how happy and regaling having PISTANG PILIPINO!! A tradition that we must be truly and forever be proud of, a tradition that we must show globally, spread the happiness, spread the richness of our country!!

And i can’t wait for the next YEAR END of Advantek, my 3rd supposedly year end there..

Till then!!


  • Joenel

    ang lupit ni Bugoy Agno!!!

  • hey, thanks joenel sa comment.. lagot ka kay ___… manyapat nasa Qatar na, ikaw talaga..

  • Jessica

    Hello im jessica from mexico i love this blog is awsome
    i just wanna tell you if you know were i can find the music of Sayaw sa bangko
    i really really thank you
    see ya
    take care ( again jeje )

  • Hi Jessica, I have saved a copy of Sayaw sa Bangko music, i will send it to your hotmail account.. Thanks for droppin here, read more from here…. Be safe!! 🙂