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New Year, New Life, New Challenges and New Hopes…

Year 2008 is over, a year full of sacrifices and crises as we reach the end of that year. Many trials, difficulties and hurdles had happened, personally and politically. Triggered by the fuel increase globally, followed by price increase in all basic commodities rice to name one, and then struck and startled by the collapsing of Lehman Brothers that greatly affected the whole world, America who everyone’s looking up to, once was also a victim of the so called crisis. This had a domino effect and still has, every country experiences the same thing, so as the Philippines. Our countrymen, OFW’s returned back home and had lost their jobs as a result of this global financial crisis. Now, facing a new challenges here in our own land, finding ways to look for local jobs and seeking the help of the government. What lies ahead after this? Companies had retrenchment, spending is being lessened, everything else is being cut, controlled and monitored. These were only few of the bad things we had last 2008.

Despite having the bad things, we also had a good thing relative to entertainment and sports. Charice Pempengco shone and made a name internationally, likewise with Arnel Pineda, we also took pride with the winning and proclaiming Catherine Loria as the Grand Champion of the World Championship of Performing Arts, the crowned Ms. Earth was Philippines and the victory claimed by Manny Pacquio over his challengers. These have somehow abated the crisis we had that year.

That is a all over, we have to face a new year, with new challenges and sacrifices and along with these are new hopes for everyone of us. We must face this year with confidence, faith, diligence and perseverance. We must work as a team and as one nation. We don’t really know what lies ahead, what lies behind us, might as well be optimistic and take things lightly but seriously and confidently. Just do what we think is right and best for ourselves, family friends and nation, so as for the companies we are working with. Every challenges, no matter how heavy they are, will be very teeny-weeny if only we will work with it hand-in-hand, united as one and think as one.











Let’s face 2009 with faith, confidence perseverance and diligence. We can survive it!!

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂