Obama Has Awakened the Whole World

A momentous part of the world’s history, brought news and hopes in every nook of all the whole world, the winning of an African-American as the President of the country we all look up to, the biggest challenge bestowed to Honorable Barack Obama. He has to face and resolve all the crises we’ve been experiencing nowadays.

The biggest question is, is he really that adamant and confident enough to be the leader of the nation presently in the state of crisis? How long can he withstand the problems of downfall? How will he resolve it and in what ways will he lead the whole nation of America? A big challenge he has to face right? I know like everyone else, he who really has the passion of leading the nation can in any way, surpass this challenge, and i know that he’s the ability to rebuild America, and he has been trusted by his countrymen.

Not only his nation is looking up to him, but the whole world. Since the beginning of his campaign, every eyes were looking unto him, every ears were listening to what he says, bearing in their mind every words he says. He has given everyone a big chance, a big hope that someday, his administration will be a great change in history…

Till then,

~dhynnes~ 🙂