Individual Responsibility That Aspires Collective Harmony..

Sunday, January 25, 2009 during the celebrated mass of our Rev. Fr. Noel Cabungcal, part of his homily was the lines written above. And he was indeed right choosing and echoing this to each and everyone of us, this was one of the lines that the elected president of America has conveyed “Individual Responsibilty that Aspires Collective Harmony”. As one of my posts contained, we don;t need to rely solely in the government, we don’t need to just wait for what they say, in our very own hands lie the responsibility of worthy living, nobody is to blame for having a destitute life, not a single word to throw to the leader of the country, it is our individual responsibility to act, and if everyone of us act as one not causing any harm to anyone, this I believe aspire collective harmony. Don’t let your burden be the burden of the nation, our leaders can do nothing if you won’t do nothing either!