I Am Expecting..

Saddened by what had happened to the whole world, saddened by the global economic crises experience by everyone, but we need to accept that nowadays, there is no permanent in this world. Like me, i know you also believe that a country will never experience crisis, but it did, the America.

Latter months of 2008 was a history, that was the start of big gloomy days, companies were shutting down, laying off employees, and it didn’t abate nor stop, but instead, it continues to belt-tightened, to be a nightmare to all employees. Many manufacturing companies were affected. Ours is one, and i don’t know if there will be another retrenchment to happen. And now, I am expecting, expecting that one day, if this laying off happens again for the third time, i will be one of those employees who will be handed on folders containing the complete documents pertaining to my employment, last pay, COE, 2316, and other certifications. I am readying myself to what might happen, come what may. But I hope if that day comes and my name will be called, i will be strong enough to face that reality, i know there’s better things that lie ahead of me. I once told myself that should there be another laying off, i hope i’d be included, i have a personal purpose for saying this. Well, i believe that i contribute to my company well, and i also believe that i am one of those concerned employees who wants nothing but the best and that the company be lucrative enough despite the crisis.

My brother was also affected by retrenchment, he was working in Kanepackage and believed that he performed well, but this did nothing to keep him, he was one of those laid off. Sad but have to accept the fact that nothing is really permanent.

Whatever happens to me, i have to face it confidently. I’ve been blessed all my years anyway… Be thankful!!

Till then…

~dhynnes~ šŸ™‚