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The Value of Everything..

Have you ever experienced manakawan? It be you personal belongings or worst, your money? What was your reaction? How did you feel?

I remember the first time when one of the valuable things had lost. It was on my second grade, as what i’ve told before the spectators and audience during 2007 elementary graduation, i was born to value perseverance and money at the same time at an early age. Nagtitinda po klasi ako ng bukayo when i was in grade two, my neighbor cooked it for me to sell in school at .75 centavos each. Unfortunately, one day came na my income from selling bukayo was stolen, i didn’t know who did it, i just cried and worried, kasi i was thinking ano ang ibabalik kong pera sa kapitbahay namin eh ninakaw ang benta ko? I was fortunate then that she did not ask anything from me, she just heed the situation and perhaps she knew na it was not my fault. That was the first time that etched in my mind and i think i will never forget, pinaghirapan ko tapos papakinabangan lang ng iba?

Then i thought it will never happen again to me, but i was wrong. Just last week, i lost 1k. And like my first experience, i didn’t know who did it and i had no idea who could have done that. I had 2k in my wallet, inutang ko pa sa officemate ko, that money, yung 2k na yun lang ang laman ng wallet ko, confident ako na andun sya dahil iuuwi ko yun ng buo as my brother’s tuition fee,so di ko dapat galawin yun. And when i decided to check my wallet, saka ko lang na-realize that one thousand pesos had been stolen from my wallet, swerte ko pa na nag-iwan sya. I lost my concentration at work, gusto ko umuwi. And perhaps yung pag-se share ko nang nangyari sa mga officemates ko was nakatulong to ease my feeling. So when i arrived in my boarding house, i already had a light feeling, i just prayed na sana nakatulong yung money sa kanya, siguro nga masyado syang gipit kaya nya ginawa yun, pero sana wag na nya ulitin..

It’s hard to accept that our lives nowadays are really that destitute, that one has to steal someone’s money or property just to survive. Not knowing and minding the person who owns it. But i still believe it’s not right to do such thing for the sake of own’s survival. Kagaya ng iba, kinakailangan din naman nating maghirap, magpagod makibaka at magtiis para mabuhay. Hindi natin pwedeng gawing solusyon ang pangunguha ng pag-aari ng iba.