Closing Birthday… March 03

March 03, 1981, at the dawn, approximately 3 a.m. that was Tuesday, when the first baby of my parents was born. My parents were of course and indeed very proud for having that blessing. They were 21 and 22 then, imagine how young they got married! But this young age was not an issue for them to raise and take care of their baby. The baby who would give them happiness and would complete their lives. They patiently waited for this little girl to grow up, talk to them, hug them and love them in return.

I am sure that my parents were very proud for having this girl and that girl i am referring to is me. Now i turned this young, wheow, YOUNG as in young, i am thankful that my parents brought me here and wont the world with lots of blessings.

3rd day of the month, in my profession, this day is very important as this is the busiest and one of the important days of the month, month-end closing. Staying late in the office to finish the reports. My job does not spare me, but i am not bitter, i really am expecting that my birthday would always be that momentous, not only to me but also to the company i am working with.

I remember the first time when i had to stay late in the office during my birthday, that was when i was working in Rapid Forming Corporation as a Cost Accounting Staff, haaaa, and i couldn’t get out of the office due to month end closing. It began and keeps on happening, and i am thankful that it keeps on happening because i know that i am alive and kicking!

Today, i am celebrating it again in the office, working for Advantek’s Finance Department. And expect to go home late. I called it CLOSING BIRTHDAY as this day is our book closing. But this is fine, at least i know that i am serving a lot of people during this important day.

For all of you who was born during these days 1st to 5th week, might as well think hard on what profession you would like to enter into. I assure you, if you are to enter into Finance and Accounting, hmmmm, your day will be great, busy and challenging…..

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂