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Thanks Canossa..

I forgot to create a post last March 1 – birthday of Canossa College, as it was month-end. And i wanna do it now, thanking my Alma Mater – Canossa College, who had helped me that much and brought me to where I am now.

I was able to study there kahit na we’re financially unstable. Canossa gave me a chance to use my intellect and be honed as a Canossian, etching in my heart the values I learned from them, set by St. Magdalene, up until now. I was one of those St. Bakhita scholars, and had served Canossa with the best of my abilities and efforts.

Thanks Canossa for giving us the opportunity, especially those poor like us, thank you for your generosity, for helping us always and never expecting in return. Thank you also because until now, you are really reaching out to the people, reaching out to help our countrymen. We are really proud of you!!

Beloved Alma Mater, we pledge our loyalty, bestow on us your eyes to see, Canossians we will always be….

Proud to say that i am a CHRISTIAN PERSON, SHARER OF GOD’S LOVE (CPSGL)!!.

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂