The Legend – King of Pinoy Rap Mr. Francis M…

Last March 06, 2009, 12noon, the whole country grieved and weeped with the passing away of one of the Philippines pride, Francis Magalona. He, the king of Pinoy Rap, he, who had initiated the making of rap, one of the big loss in the music industry. Idolized by so many, not only by the Filipinos but the whole world im sure as well. He was recognized and idolized, not only by having this great talent, but most importantly, his being MAKABAYAN, nationalistic. In all his songs, the purpose would be nationalism, pagkakaisa and pagmamahalan. Got some pix from his blogsite – happybattle.net. “ONE LOVE”..

A picture of a true Filipino!


Just as many have thought and prayed, he will recover and get back to stimulate people, inspire all of us and be a model of all Filipino. And as he himself had happily fought to the extreme always smiling despite the pains, but still had ended, and perhaps, the reason why He had him go is because, Mr. Francis M. duly served the country in a unique, quaint and special ways.

His life is worth our history, his biography was truly and definitely worth the pages of our books, worthy to be called as a HERO!! And i am lucky to be amongst those who had witnessed how great he was!

You will forever be part of Philippine History..