An Accident Happened to My Youngest Brother..

We were having fun this Sunday afternoon as it was my cousin’s husband birthday. Most of our relatives were there, specially ate neneth who chose to play TONG-IT together with Ate Iza and Ate Tere, i didn’t join as i don’t know how to play cards. It was roughly 4-5 pm when one of my old elementary classmates Andy went to our home rode in his bike and told us the bad news. My youngest brother -Leo had a motor accident and nobody cared to bring him to the hospital, perhaps afraid or i don’t know. The accident was just few meters away from us, and it’s just in our barangay. We all panicked and “tarantatious”, my mother was preparing our supper that time, me and Aris – my brother next to me were in my cousin’s house. And then upon learning the bad news we hastily rented a tricycle to bring Leo to the hospital, everybody in our barangay had learned about it, news really spreads so fast. When we approached the place where my brother had an accident, we expected that we will still see him there, but he was nil there anymore and one of the witnesses rode in the tricycle we rented, by the way, all of us, my parents, me and my brother were the ones who will attend to my youngest brother., this guy who witnessed my brother’s accident, told us what happened that us really worried, as if my brother really had a grave accident. according to him, the motor was driven so fast, and at the very last concrete road, my brother had been slipped or thrown and circled twice and his head was bloody, he was unconcious and the face was full of dirt. The guy didn’t recognized that it was my brother, only after he cleared the face. Fortunately, our eldest cousin was there, though drunk, was still able to bring my brother to the hospital. And by the way also, my brother was also drunk that day as he was driving that motor that he borrowed. As this guy tells us what happened, i held my mother’s hand to ease her feeling, i really knew that she has a weak heart if she heard anything bad happens to us. We were approaching the kanto, we finally decided to go to Liwag Hospital as this is the nearest one that we think where my brother was brought, luckily, we met my cousin’s tricycle and asked him where did Leo was brought, and he told, directed and pointed us na “Ayun”, pabalik na pala siya, riding in a tricycle together with Kuya Uben. We returned way back home and transferred and rode in a tricycle where Leo was riding. Kinumusta agad namin sya, and wondered why he never brought to the hospital to have him checked. And we saw that he’s okay, only some bruises in his face, this had caused the blood. We asked him what happened and how he feels, he told us na wala lang daw yun and he didn’t really know what happened, he was even asking why he was in a tricycle.

We decided not to bring him to the hospital, we saw that he is okay, he just had a peso size of wound in hus left face, some bruises and the remains of the dirt. We brought him home and cleansed by my mother. Thankfully that nothing really bad and unwanted happened to him, except for the motor that have to be repaired, which he borrowed from mu classmate Jerwin.

It was at dawn when i heard him complained of headache. But atleast we know that he is safe. I hope that he’ll learn from what happened to him.