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Accepting Our Assignments

We were put on earth to make contributions. We weren’t created just to consume resources, to eat, to breath and take up space. God designed us to make difference with our lives. We were not created to add to life on earth not just take from it. God want’s us to give somthing back. It’s our ministry, it’s our service, our assignment.” This is God’s fourth purpose for our lives.

Lifted from the book The Purpose Driven Life. A birthday present I received from Ms. Nida Dizon – my boss at Rapid Forming Corporation, given to me last March 09, 2004 “Nothing the heart receives slept away, it is kept within the hearts of others, from the bottom of my heart, this book is just for you, Happy birthday and God bless you – Always, nida”  

 Let’s give a wee twist here, i am really focusing my post with the gift, i just remember her. Ms. Nida had been my boss and she had trained me for almost two years. A very strict Accountant, we cannot leave the office at 5m when she’s still there. But admitteldy, despite being so strict, I learned a lot from her, she’s unselfish and had taught me everything she knows and gave us advices that would help us in our work. In a span of almost two years, she helped me to be dexterous and adpet in the field I was taking. I won’t forget the time that I ruefully handed her my resignation letter,  I was sad and at the same time happy that time. I even hugged her for heeding me, i was touched when she said na hindi nya pipigilang ibuka ang aking pakpak kung gusto kong lumipad, she will not prevent me from spreading my wings and let me fly. Until now, those words still etch in me.

So much something about that, let’s get back to our assignment here on earth. God wants us to do our assignment well here on earth. He wants us to do our assignments, our duties our functions well, as much as we wanted to perfect the jobs we have today. Our bosses don’t want us to commit blunders and flaws. God also does want us this but He gives us space whenever we commit one, He forgives and lets us realize what are the right things to do. Our purpose here on earth is to serve Him, serve in a way related to other people and anything that has life. Just be ourselves, and make sure that we aren’t hurting anybody, in this way I believe we are doing one of our assignments well.

I just opine…

~dhynnes~ 🙂