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How to Find A Job – To the Graduating Students of 2009

Economic crisis globally has been the current problem we are facing nowadays, it began since 4th quarter of last year. Effect of course, many companies had retrenchment, cut down their employees, re-organized, and worts had shut down. This is the best solution to survive. And since most of the companies are in recession, of course they would also be in freeze hiring. Reuful that our graduating students this year will surely have difficulty looking for a better job that will commensurate their education. Yes there may be other options that are in demand today like call centers, but of course, these students would not want to let the knowedge they earned become stagnant and not be honed by the same field they used to study or me, myself i won’t of course waste the four or five years of learnings or pagsusunog ng kilay, unless it’s very related. But given the fact that our economy is in downturn and most companies are re-organizing, I will set aside first my pride and take the opportunities everywhere, on the other hand, i can still use the learnings and knowledge I gained from my studies in some other way if we could only be resourceful, and we could still use it someday when our economy recovers from downturns. Just be patient and persevere. Don’t lose hope, be positive.

To the graduating students of 2009, you can survive it! We can survive it!! Congrats and break a leg!!

Till then,

~dhynnes~ 🙂