Manny Pacquiao’s Kaabang-Abang na Laban with Ricky Hattan..

Nope, i know it’s wrong, for rhyming purposes only, nice right? I am not into sports writing, but I decided to have this one as I know people around the globe are waiting for the big event, for Paquiao-Hatton fight on May 2, 2009.

The current issue right now is the airing of the fight here in the Philippines. It was personally announced last week by Manny that he accepted or he decided to air his fight in ABS-CBN as previously it was aired in GMA 7. His statement was clear, and even made a noise locally and perhaps even internationally. And then last night I heard that he now receded and accepted to air it under Solar. We don’t know the reason behind, we don’t know why he has this fickle mind, and what really need is just let him decide for himself, he knows whats best for him and he knows the consequences of all the things he does.

I can’t fathom the boxing sports, but i do enjoy watching it but only when Pacquiao is the one fighting. He brings honor to our country, honor and pride that he really needs to hurt his whole body, his head, be punched hardly by his opponent, eyes being cut, nose bleed ( hahaha, coz of english speaking you know, am you know).. Pardon my spelling, keyboard in the PC i am using is really not that good to typing, not my hands, it’s the keybiard….keyboard… 🙂

Break a leg, you know Manny… We’re looking forward to another belt from you, you know….

I just opine you know…

~dhynnes~ 🙂