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What If You Fail Paying Your Credit Card?

Worrying of not paying your credit card bills on time and even up to the time that you stopped paying it? Well guys don’t ignore it, bettr yet, pay your attention to it. I know your friends, officemates will tell you “naku wag mo pansinin yun, wala lang yun”, a big NO. If you think credit card companies will do nothing against it, you are wrong. Before anything bad happens to you, do something to pay your credit bills.

If you in the first place failed to pay even in a single month, the credit card companies’ CS will call you and ask you to settle your due for that month. And what if you really ignore your monthly due, for months, worse for years, mind you, this will cause you something really bad, interest charges that accumulate much, you may not know it your principal amount of Php36K really blew up to Php75K, really bad isn’t it? After the credit card companies’ CS, you will receive letter from a collection agency, credit card companies now transferred your account to the collecting agent, will ask you also to pay your obligations. And you try to ignore it again, the next letter will be coming from a legal counsel, from a law firm, asking you the same, to pay your credit card obligation. This also applies when the creditcard holder intentionally changed her contact nos without notifying the credit card companies, and this will aggravate your case. Ignoring this once again, of course the law firm hardly contact you, your case will now be filed in fiscal, and will now force you to pay. How will the fiscal contact you, our technology nowadays is very modern, telephone, internet, that will serve right. And if you happen to be contacted by the prosecutor, of course it’s very intimidating ang embarrassing, and you won’t like to happen it di ba? And why wait for these things to happen then? Mind you, don’t ignore it though you are so penniless. Perhaps these prosecutors will even homevisit you and discuss the case, the worst….

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