Never Understimate A Person

2pm of this day during our plenary, our HR Director Willy Lorenzana told us about this lady who auditioned in Britain’s Got Talent. And i decided to search it in you tube and there it is, i found it… I really wanted to embed the video here, unfortunately, has been restricted. just try this link instead.

Susan Boyle a 47 year old lady, as was interviewed by Simon is from the so called collection of villages, dreams and tries of becoming a professional singer, Elaine Page being the singer she looks up to. When she stood before the audience and told that she wanted to be Elaine Page, everyone was laughing but then when she finally sang “I Dream A Dream” everyone was behavely listening, others were crying. Her voice was really stunning, amazing!! There were great comments from the three judges, incredible, a great prize he ever received, a wake up call!! As the verdict ended, Simon said “Go Back to the village with your head high with three YES” from the judges.

It indeed indicates only that we must not judge the book by it’s cover, never underestimate one’s capability, we should not judge a person by the way she or he looks, we should know everyone first. I am out of words to say, all i want to say is, treat everyone fair, don’t be so judgmental. See it here “The Biggest Prize He Ever Had In His Three Year Judging”, Incredible, a wake up call

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂