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Sometimes We Just Need To, Just Because Of…

There’s no permanent thing here in the world. Everything is indefinite, everything has an end. Now you have this, later on you lose it. We should all be ready that all what we have, all what we owned will someday be taken off from our hands, no matter how we grasp and value them. Just like our own life, has an ending and we’re unsure of how long we can have it.

But there are things that we are responsible for losing, we are the master of ourselves and decide what we think are best. One of these is choosing your job. When we applied and get hired, we have no idea how we will be in a company and a team, best effort, teamwork and pro-activeness, diligence, toilsome and perseverance are needed in order to learn from the job you have. Nurture the knowledge and skills you gained from the previous ones if you have. Relating it to my own experience, yes, I have a wee years of stay in different companies, the longest was two years and seven months. I’ve been to five companies already and I am only 28 years old, been working for 6 years since January 13, 2003. But I would say that albeit I stay that period (average of one year stay), I learned a lot from my experiences, business process and accounting process as well. And I can say that these years of experiences from different companies opened the doors for many opportunities and made me ready to fight for any battle I may encounter. I already have my weapon to use.

Leaving one’s job isn’t facile, there’s a lot of things to consider and preponderate. After such, you will come to a decision whether to stay or leave. But, why nga ba employees leave a company?

Here are the possible reasons why we leave one company;

1. Financial matter – better offer of compensation package.

2. Position – good one, if you are fortunate enough to be connected in a company with a high and respected position.

3. The boss – wow the boss, you don’t want the way your boss handle you and the rest of his/her associates. He/she always hollers and irate. (if this is the case, kahit ako, magreresign ako, jejeje).

4. Officemates – bad attitudes of the officemates – gossiper, lazy, tactless etc.-then why would I stay then?

5. Lots of jobs – sobrang dami na ba and you hardly find time for yourself to enjoy life, you cannot even think what to do first, aside from this, aside from failing to do and finish the task you are being berated at the same time as if you are really so impulsive. Well, you will not be productive then, quit!

For me, listed above are only few of the reasons why an employees leave a company. And my primary reason for leaving the companies I had been is financial matter. Yes, I am insatiable, but this is because I really need to look for one that offers high and better compensation coz I am the breadwinner. Next is the position or the job title, the higher the position, the more challenging the job could be and I do love challenges.

 I love the appreciations showed by my previous employers, they let me spread my wings and look for a greener pasture and better opportunities and exposure. They have to accept that it’s not for a lifetime, and we can always say “sometimes we just need to leave, just because of better opportunities”

I just opine….

Till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂