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JoCris – A Night of Fun and Bonding

Just another momentous part of our lives before we separate our paths. We undoubtedly decided to have this event even we’re incomplete. Weather during that time was bad but this did not prevent us from doing what we want. Hard rain witnessed how eager we were to pursue this bonding and ties amoung each of us.

Realizing and knowing that in our lives, nothing is permanent, but along the way, you meet persons who become part of your life and treasure forever albeit you separate each ways.

At work, people come and go. At first, the new ones may be referred as “others”, “walang imik”, “manchit” and sometimes misinterpreted. And then as times wane, you get to know better that new ones and become a part of your group. And we are all aware that this group will not take paths together. We’re lucky if all will stay in forever, but this is impossible. We know that each of us will really find and look for ways for better opportunities and fortunes. We all have different fates, different according to HIS will. But of course no matter He wanted us to be fortunate if we do nothing, there’s nil we could grasp.

As we are taking our paths in different ways, we meet people that are worth keeping, that we may call friends. And we’re lucky that we have or had them and became part of our colorful lives.

We may separate apart, we may not always see each other, but this should be etched, YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN OUR HEARTS, NOT FORGOTTEN BUT TREASURED!! And likewise with the company who gives and gave us the opportunity to grow, learn and hone our knowledge and skills, thankful to all those people behind for choosing us among others to be part of Advantek!! Thanks..

till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂