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When Solitude Strikes

There comes a time that you’ll feel uneasy, unhappy, solitude, sad, anything that can be considered as unwanted feeling. We can’t avert it, for a certain reason, you’ll just feel it, reason— be it the persons around you for not understanding, i don’t know how will i say it, all i know is sometimes when we are being prevented from doing what we think is better for us, i won’t say it’s depriving, i don’t know the exact word to say.

Right at this moment, i am in a state of solitude, i hardly smile, because of the undecided or unallowed thing that I badly need to do. Buti na lang maganda boses ni Beyone, luckily HALO (and all other songs of her) is nice to listen, buti na lang magaling sya, this somehow abates my loneliness. I just hope that he will change his mind, that he’ll allow me to go and start. Is it unfair? I believe it’s not, i am begging them to please allow me to do it!!

Sometimes in our life, we have to understand the dream, ambition or mission of an individual. There’s reason for everything and everyone of us will not dare to do something if he or she knows it’s not good, and everyone of us likewise has a responsibility to heed that reason. Just hope that all of us are open-minded, have this vast understanding of others’ feeling. I just hope……

till then…

~dhynnes~ 🙂