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Be Patient, Don’t Lose Hope..

Dream your dreams then do your best, 

Never stop and never rest until those dreams are yours… 


This quote has been my inspiration since I was in my second year college at Canossa. I remember the first time I saw it; we were at the PE room – as our first day, waiting for Ms. Lajara to come in. While waiting, my observant eyes went around the four nooks of the room, surrounded by mirrors, and I love to see myself performing like dancing to name one in front of mirror, oops, went out of the topic, as I said while waiting for our instructress to come in, a poster in a wall had caught my attention, written there “Dream your dreams, then do your best, never stop and never rest until those dreams are yours”, Since then, I always write this in my notebooks. This serves as my guideline and inspiration to take challenges, to accept failures, to positively face blunders and struggle for the best.

I’ve been encountering different challenges for twenty eight years now, and I am not bothered that I can’t do it. I believe in my capabilities, but I believe more in God! I have deep faith in Him, faith that He won’t let me down, faith that every time I encounter difficulties, He will let me do it by myself, with His guidance… I am one of those God’s creations who had and have been tested by life, by fate, I am one of those who never give up when trials come my way. Yes I leave it all to Him, but along with this, I am also doing my best in every way I can!

 My life as I said has gone through many colorful experiences that are worth sharing to all of you. I know I might sound a bit proud, and I pride myself for being able to surpass all the trials, being able to cope up with the test of life. Confidence, diligence, perseverance, positive outlook in life and deep faith in God are my keys to this. I think I already posted part of my life in this blog, see this one for info.

 I am the eldest in the family, the only girl, head of the family. At a young age, I wont how poor and destitute our life was. And this has helped me dream and aim high. I told myself I will help my family if not much at least cope with financial difficulties. I never stop dreaming and aiming, as what my favorite quote says, never stop, so I do I? I believe that my dreams have been achieved, my prayers have been answered and I am very thankful that He has been very good to me as I am very docile to Him. As one of my posts says, see this link. This is not about luck; this is about your perseverance and faith.

 Never envy anybody who has this or has that, instead, be happy for what they have. We shall take note of this. We have our own destiny and it is destined according to how we handle things correspondingly. Just never give up when things went wrong, in fact, this will just help us to be adamant and steadfast. Bear in mind, we will not gain wisdom and we will not be that confident if not because of with the way we take and handle flaws and blunders.

 Achieving our dreams is being given according to His will, at the right time. Don’t be impatient, it will take time, never lose your hope, try and try until you have it!

 Be patient

Be confident

Never lose hope

Be inspired..


Till then…  🙂