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Utah Life – Weekend at Lagoon Park (Roller Coaster Ride)

One of the best weekends that we had here in Utah was when we went to Lagoon Park. Since i am that excited about this post, here is the climax of that day. We tried a scary and frightening SKYCOASTer and had our three minute swing or better to say, flying above 150 ft. Nice and an awesome experience! I was very reluctant at first when Karen encourage me to join her and Paul in this very “risky” ride, and then as we walked our way, they finally had me nodded.

Scary wasn’t it? And we had to motivate Arnel and Dina to try the same, and we encouraged them well.

Prior to this scary skycoaster, there were 11 more rides that we rode in, starting with the light ones as a warm up. It was my first time to go to the amusement park like this, i’ve never tried yet in the philippines as I need to earn first before going. And fortunately i had a chance to experience it here in Utah. The folloeing photos are the different rides that we’d tries, of course you will not see us there because we, six people were riding in the same rides simultaneously and no one was left to take us photos while we were on the rides. So what i did was to capture those rides and post them here.



scary lagoon park utahscary nga ata-laki mata haha

wow, it seems scary, my eyes were about to pop out!! but i am smiling and look at the background, seems somebody is operating the scary stuff inside..


spider at lagoon salt lake utah Photobucket

The spider and the wild mouse, both are very frightening to ride with. Yung spider, as in like a spider web paikot-ikot and fast moving. And the wild mouse, high, fast moving and the way it turns to the other side, it’s like a mouse na napakalikot, seems like tatalsik kami from the upuan, that’s why i didn’t open my eyes while riding and i held the bars so tighly, feeling ko sobrang tatalsik ako at malalaglag sa upuan.


see, the wild mouse is really that fun, and one of my colleagues told me that after our adventure at Lagoon, he wasn’t able to catch a good sleep, he was like being awakened by a wild mouse as if he was still riding. Just like me, i even wasn’t able to sleep early because i felt i still was in the amusement park. Duh, a nice experience though.


And the unforgettable COLOSSUS ride with various upside down positions and two loops of 360 degrees, wheow, i managed to ride in it also, there was no turning back for all the ride kasi we were with Paul Dabell and we just went with the flow, whatever he preferred to ride, even though we’re scared. And, here at COLOSSUS, i lost my eyeglasses, it flew while i was riding, i couldn’t fixed it when i felt that it was about to fall because i was tightly holding the bars, i might fall if i didn’t do so. Huhuhu, my eyes were gone, but i did not regret it because i had a nice experience here.


showing the other side of the ride na naglaglag ng salamin ko… as i said, it was nice!!

Another scary roller coaster, nakalimutan ko lang name and unfortunately, di maganda shot ko, some trees na nkaharang, this one, we thought this is sisiw, kind nakamulat pa kami ni dina, and hollering, woo, woo, sisiw!! That was when we were going up, and then ayan na, babaliktad din pala and super bilis, as the saying goes – never underestimate a person, just want to relate.


You might think this is an easy one – the cable car, but again it wasn’t. It was a different feeling when you’re up high above the ground and then the car abruptly stops and swing you, mind you, it was dizziful. Well, since i was the one holding the camera and taking the pictures and videos, i had Paul Dabell and Leo Bueza in this picture.. 🙂

cable car

Ang mga pagod naming paa at hindi pa nalilinisan for weeks..

cable car

And, need to have some ride that is so so and could bring out the kid in me! I think i will not be a good driver, i didn’t know how to run the BUMPER CAR, Karen didn’t join us here, so she became our camerawoman, and the resolution is not quiet good but the laugh is still there…. 🙂  see???



What i wasn’t able to take picture with is the BAT – another coaster wherein riders are hanged and then routed again in a fast run. Regret that i didn’t, my camera had to be kept in a locker before we rode COLOSSUS.

And right after the much-said colossus (and hindi synchronize neh), we had to take our heart, convinced ourselves to ride in WICKED – the yellow bar with straight upward and downward fall, waaaaaaaa, and wheow, w managed to ride that and as usual closed eyes, tightly holding the bars and hollered out loud!! And dahil po pikit mata ko, tuloy ako sa sigaw kasi to ease the fear that i had, sigaw pa rin ako until my colleauge told me, “Hoy tapos na!” nyek :-), hiya naman ako i was still screaming end na pala. And here are the WICKED photos of WICKED…

wicked And i hadn’t imagine that i will be riding those kinds of coasters!! Ang maganda kasi, my colleague were really game, besides, di naman nila kami aayain dun if they knew na di namin kaya..

And – featuring the photos of rides na hindi na namin pinatos..

free fall

Free Fall – si Leo and Paul lang sumakay.

ferris wheel

ferris wheel – don’t want to try this anymore kasi i had a phobia na, when i was seven years old and my first time to ride that with ate neneth, worst experience, my cousin had to holler and asked to operator to stop the ferris wheel coz i really was feeling so dizzy and bad. When i stepped out of ny seat, i almost collapsed! and i cant imagine myself riding sa ganito kalaking huh?? 🙁

cast away

don’t know the name – thanks karen for the ffg photos!

death ball

One of the scariest – two persons inside the round thing and have to be thrown up like a sling shot then turning upside down!!

underneath while riding a cable car

And kuha ko, jeje… Enjoying the view while riding the cable car…

We actually had the niciest, awesome and incredible experience in the SKYCOASTER, a flying experience that i won’t forget. I will make a separate post, though i had the video here…

enjoy my post!

till then..

~dhynnes~ 🙂